A Magnetic Team

Some clients that need you haven't heard of your company. They shouldn't miss the opportunity to do business with you just because they don't know you could solve their problem, improve their life, or help accomplish their goals.

You have a great story to tell. Good marketing shares that story with the right audience at the right time, and it delivers measurable results in your sales pipeline. From tube TVs & typewriters to mobile phones & laptops, the tools used to tell your story have changed dramatically, but the fundamentals have been the same for decades.

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Electromagnetic Marketing has created a process that helps you identify and articulate your unique value so your business can connect with the right people. We get to know the heart and soul of your company – the people and passion that are the components of your unique value. This helps us to highlight the distinct problems that you solve through content, blog posts, social media, marketing, and advertising. You are never an account here. We are your partners. You have a personal team of magnetic marketing experts working with you to generate leads, sales, and growth. We have decades of experience in marketing, advertising, sales, and business strategy to help your company or organization achieve its goals. Plus, we’re a cool group of people who love what we do. The Electromagnetic Marketing lab is located appropriately, at Innovation Depot. We’re active in Tech Birmingham, the American Marketing Association, and numerous charities in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

Angelia Stewart

Marketing Coordinator

What I’m Doing On A Perfect Friday Night: Take out and a movie at home with my family.

Favorite Drink: Black coffee, the darker the better

Quote: "What’s the plan?”

Brittany Harper

Marketing Coordinator

What I’m Doing On A Perfect Friday Night: Going to the Rodeo or muddin' in a 4x4.

Favorite Drink: CapriSun

Quote: "Who needs a plan?”

Gabrielle Mingus

Marketing Associate

What I'm Doing on a Perfect Friday Night: Cooking for friends and family!

Favorite Animal: My pup Atlas!

Next on My Bucket List: Skydiving

Brianna Jelks

Art Director

What I’m Doing On A Perfect Friday Night: Out getting dinner with friends

Favorite Musician: Beyoncé

Favorite animal: Corgis!

Michael Kline

Web Developer

Favorite Animal: Spider Monkey  

Favorite Drink: Hot Chocolate

What I'm Doing On A Perfect Friday Night: Watching movies and playing board games with friends or family.

SK Vaughn

DIRECTOR OF Marketing Strategy

Enneagram Type: 3

Best Dog In The World: Mayfair (my black lab)

What I’m Doing On A Perfect Friday Night: Ordering takeout and watching a rom-com.

Daniel Canvas


What I’m Doing On A Perfect Friday Night: Driving my DMC DeLorean.

Favorite Book: Anything by George Gipe

Quote: "Quiet on set!”

Scott Elliott

President | Partner

What I’m Doing On A Perfect Friday Night: Hanging out with friends for dinner and board games!

Favorite animal: Dog (we have 2)

Quote: "Must have a plan."

Jamie Parris

Marketing Director | Partner

What I’m Doing On A Perfect Friday Night: Sitting on the back deck with a cold drink (in a koozie) hanging out with his wife, kids, and neighbors.

Proof that he is Adulting properly: He always has a koozie. There is no excuse for drinking a canned drink without a koozie. Ever.

Quote: “Why does everyone feel like we need a plan?”

Randy Webb

Creative Director | Partner

Favorite Car: 1967 Chevy 2

Favorite Book: Stories From The Dirt - John Long

Favorite Drink: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (made in a pourover)

What I’m Doing On A Perfect Friday Night: Sleeping at the base of the mountain I'm going to climb the next morning.

Content & Messaging

Your message is more than what you do. It's why you do it. A message demonstrates you care as much about providing a solution as you do selling a product or a service.

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Design & Branding

Your "Brand" is the feeling people get when they interact with your company. Design and branding are visual tools to establish your Brand, and nothing is more powerful than a Brand that resonates.

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Web & Digital

Online advertising provides powerful tools to reach your ideal clients. Websites are the hub that coordinates both traditional and digital marketing strategies to convert engagement into leads.

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Photo & Video

Video and photography are more than just content for your website and social media. They are powerful storytelling tools that stand apart from all other forms of communication by creating a personal connection.

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