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Social Media marketing is a powerful tool to increase visibility and encourage purchases online. With a recurring monthly budget, Waynes was able to increase conversions for their pest control services by 46.54% year-over-year.

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"I am thrilled to share my experience with SK Vaughn and Electromagnetic Marketing. They consistently deliver exceptional customer service and have been an outstanding partner in every sense of the word. From the beginning, they have exceeded expectations in every way."

The Challenge

Waynes, one of our long-term clients, called on us to deliver a campaign that would help drive leads specifically for their pest services on social media. Waynes recently entered into new markets and needed to establish brand awareness while simultaneously increasing lead flow in record time.

The Solution

We landed on a campaign called “It’s Game Over for Pests.” The increase in mobile gaming inspired the retro vibe and majority of online purchases on their site were primarily through a mobile device. The campaign demonstrated a Waynes professional zapping the pests in an arcade-style game that transports the user into the real life of pest control. We used iconic games like Paperboy and Galaga for reference but flipped the switch to make it more aligned with the Waynes branding. 

 On May 15th, we launched the campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor and Tiktok. We focused the beginning of the campaign on getting as many eyes on the game changer video as possible, and then retargeting those who watched the video with Waynes’ offer. Through continuous ad creative updates based on the data we received and seasonal pest trends, we saw lead generation increase and cost per lead decrease month after month! 


  • External marketing strategy and consultation
  • Internal marketing strategy 
  • Campaign messaging
  • Email marketing strategy 
  • Social Media organic strategy 
  • Graphic Design and animation 
  • Paid advertising 

The Results

Overall, more than 1.8 million people were reached by a Waynes ad during the campaign, with 314 contacting Waynes for pest control services from the social ads. The overall cost-per-lead for the campaign was $171.26, and the cost-per-lead in the final month was $51.64.

Overall, contact form submission leads increased by 46.54% from all channels, 680 form submissions. Lead generation in all target markets increased, with one new market in particular increasing lead generation by 169%. All indicators showed a heightened awareness of the Waynes brand in their new markets.


  • 314 Leads
  • $171.26 Overall Cost per Lead
  • 429 New Social Followers
  • >1.8 million people reached

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