Baba Java | Case Study

Boosting strategies are a powerful tool to increase social visibility. With a limited budget, through social boosting on Facebook, Baba Java was able to increase event responses for their Latte Art Class by 1,000%.

Challenge Accepted...


Event Responses




Increase in Facebook Following

Client Testimonial

"Without the help of Electromagnetic, our event would not have been nearly the success that it was. Electro created an ad campaign that drove so much attention to our event that we filled our capacity and still had many more interested!" - Rachel Parvin

The Challenge

Baba Java, one of our long-term clients, recently began hosting latte art classes at their cafe as another way to engage with their loyal customers. When the first event did not get the results they wanted, we presented them with a boosting strategy to promote the event on Facebook, where a large percentage of their target audience resides.

The Solution

On August 31st, we began boosting posts for Baba Java’s upcoming Latte Art class on Facebook. We also sent out email promotions to Baba Java "Insiders," and to their newsletter list, along with posting to their Google My Business page!


  • Marketing Strategy and Consultation
  • Social Boosting (Facebook)

The Results

After only 10 days of running, we had to stop the boost because it generated 110 event responses with 22 marked “going,” and limited spots were available for this class. 

 At this time, the boost spent $118.98, which was less than the original budget for promoting this event. This strategy generated a $1.08 cost-per-event response and a $5.40 cost-per-lead (person who marked themselves as going).

Not only did this lead to 110 event responses, but during the time of the boost, 27 people followed Baba Java on Facebook. This was a 350% increase from the previous period!

This boosting also led to 10 comments, 6 post shares, 3 post saves, and 49 reactions.


  • 110 Event Responses
  • 22 “Going” (1000% increase from the previous event)
  • Increased Social Followers
  • Generated Brand Awareness

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