Why Brand Consistency Should Be a Priority In Everything Your Business Creates

Consistency is key in many things, and your Brand is no exception. Here’s why.

May 3, 2022

Did you know most people make a subconscious judgment about a product within the first 90 seconds of viewing the product? Between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on just one factor. 


Speaking of color, this one seemingly small factor can also increase Brand recognition by up to 80 percent. Take the color here, for example. If we gave you a box like this, would you know what Brand is inside?

Even if you’re not an avid wearer of upscale jewelry, this Brand has created a powerful marketing tool from this iconic color. 

This is just one example of how a powerful Brand identity is incredibly valuable. Consistency is key in many things, and your Brand is no exception. Here’s why. 

What Is Brand Consistency and Why Does It Matter?

Brand consistency involves maintaining communication, messaging, and marketing efforts that are always aligned with your brand’s values, tone, and visual identity. Everything you do should look like it came from you. 

When you're consistent, this creates a strong Brand identity, which is essential for any business. 

Brand Consistency Makes Your Business Memorable

Brand consistency makes your business memorable. The more times they see your logo or read your slogan, the more likely they will recall your business when searching for your particular product or service. 

The “marketing rule of 7” states that customers need an average of seven interactions with your Brand before purchasing. If they cannot see your Brand in every interaction, you lose the pull towards a purchase. 

Brand Consistency Builds Trust

Brand consistency builds trust, and most purchasing decisions are emotional rather than practical

The more consumers see your Brand, the more they will feel like they know you. If you have come to find someone dependable, reliable, and trustworthy in the things they say, wouldn’t you believe their product or service would be the same?

Brand Consistency Can Increase Revenue

Customers that remember you will buy your products. Customers who trust you will invest in your services. Brand consistency builds a relationship with consumers, leading them to engage with your company and recommend you to others. 

In a report by Lucidpress that surveyed over 400 organizations, the majority claimed that Brand consistency increased their revenue from anywhere between 10% to over 20%. For the companies without Brand consistency, it was estimated that they could attain an average of 23% revenue increase by aligning their marketing efforts.  

These intentional but straightforward tasks can only contribute to your ability to reach your business goals. 

How to Create Brand Consistency 

Before you can be consistent with your Brand, you have to know who you are. For this, you need a branding and design guide. A branding and design guide includes your Brand message, logo, colors, fonts, and any other visual elements necessary to represent your Brand. 

Ensure that all employees have access to the necessary visual elements to use across emails, social posts, company documents, and more. Informing your employees of your Brand message and why it matters is a great way to encourage them to be client-facing representations of your Brand.

Then, you must always use these Brand elements in your marketing and communication efforts. Don’t experiment with new colors, don’t change the format of your logo. Keep your Brand consistent

Making Your Brand Consistency A Priority 

Brand inconsistency will cost you in new and engaging customers, but it can also make your marketing efforts futile. If you’re investing time and money into promoting and representing your company, Brand consistency helps ensure you maximize your efforts in making a great impression.

Need assistance getting started? We know how to help. Contact us here if you’d be interested in talking more about how Brand consistency can benefit your business! 

Writer: Gabrielle Mingus
Editor: SK Vaugn

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