Ways AI is Being Used (That You May Be Unaware Of)

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February 2, 2024

When we started thinking about ways to talk about AI on the blog, a natural, knee-jerk idea was to simply allow a chatbot to do it for us. I mean, what better way to share the marvel of artificial intelligence than with… artificial intelligence, right?

Well, here’s what OpenAI’s ChatGPT gave us when we asked for three paragraphs on lesser known ways AI is being used today:

AI is increasingly finding applications in various lesser-known domains, showcasing its versatility beyond mainstream uses. One such area is wildlife conservation, where AI is being employed to monitor and protect endangered species. Drones equipped with AI algorithms can analyze vast expanses of land, identify animal movements, and detect signs of poaching or habitat destruction. This technology aids conservationists in implementing targeted interventions to safeguard wildlife and their ecosystems.

In the field of mental health, AI is making significant strides by providing innovative solutions for early detection and support. AI-powered applications analyze user behavior, language patterns, and social media activity to identify potential signs of mental health issues. These tools can offer timely interventions, recommend resources, or connect individuals with mental health professionals. This use of AI not only facilitates early intervention but also helps reduce the stigma associated with seeking mental health support.

Another lesser-known application of AI is in personalized education. AI algorithms analyze students' learning patterns, preferences, and strengths to tailor educational content and approaches. This adaptive learning system can identify areas where a student may need additional support, suggest personalized study materials, and adjust the difficulty level of tasks. By catering to individual learning styles, AI enhances the overall educational experience and promotes more effective and personalized learning outcomes for students.


How cool is that?

Especially if you came to our blog today to learn about Wildlife Conservation, Mental Health, or Personalized Education. That said, there’s certainly more to AI than natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, which is how ChatGPT and other tools, like Google Bard, Microsoft Bing Chat, and Claude are getting into the AI game.

Content Creation (things like Chatbots) is certainly cool and entertaining, but that’s not even scratching the proverbial AI surface. 

We could get all geeky on you and write pages upon pages about things like Generative AI, which typically refers to the creation of images, music, and even videos; and Low Code and No Code AI, which allows users to create applications through graphical user interfaces instead of traditional computer programming; but that’s still not even close to the far-reaching potential that AI can create for things like marketing — which we tend to understand a bit more than Wildlife Conservation, Mental Health, or Personalized Education.

So, we asked a couple of real-life-living-breathing-human-brain-thinking-all-around-nice-electromagnetic-guys to speak into the AI phenomena and answer the same question we asked ChatGPT:

What are some lesser known ways AI is being used today?

Here’s what Electromagnetic Managing Partner, Daniel Canvas, and in-house Web Guru, Michael Kline, had to say:

OK, so one of the first and most important ways AI can help marketers is through Audience Segmentation & Personalization. These things are incredibly valuable to businesses and marketers trying to target people with the right message in the right ways at the right times.

Google Analytics 4 uses A.I. to segment audiences, so users can retarget audiences through Google Ads. Email Marketing platforms such as MailChimp and Sharpspring use A.I. to build automations and personalize emails to improve open rates.

For folks who haven’t studied up on things like media buying, AI can be a gamechanger. Machine Learning for Media Buying and Programmatic Advertising has become a remarkably beneficial use of AI for maximizing ad performance. 

A lot of ad platforms including Meta, Google, LinkedIn, and Amazon use machine A.I. in automated bidding, which optimizes bids for ad auctions in their platform to maximize an ad’s performance based on the goals you assign the campaign.

Here’s how that works:

Let’s say you choose “Maximize Conversions” in Google Ads or a “Leads” campaign in Meta. Their software then uses machine learning to recognize patterns with those who perform the specific action you mark as a lead or conversion. Sounds difficult and confusing, doesn’t it? Well, that’s why AI can be so beneficial. It does the confusing stuff for you! Then, AI targets other users similar to those who convert. It’s really pretty great!

A/B Testing is another great use of AI. Everybody knows about A/B testing, but traditional testing can be super slow. If you’re only testing two variants at a time, it could take weeks or even months to determine a winner and act on that data.

Google Ads uses AI in their responsive display ads to determine which variations of your headlines, descriptions, images, and videos will drive the most clicks and conversions. There are also tools like Evolv AI that use massive multivariate testing on landing pages to improve user experience. Marketers can choose segments of their audience to see certain variants and test how they perform versus the original. It’s awesome… And easy!

To learn more about the benefits of Google’s responsive display ads here.

Now, if you’re a creative, words like “Data Analysis” can make your eyes glaze over and cause rampant fits of daydreaming about pictures and words and… I don’t know, puppies? But stay with us here. Data Analysis can be super cool. Google Analytics 4 uses AI to power its “Audience Insights,” which recognizes patterns in the data within your GA4 account and offers recommendations based on those patterns.

Data impacts creative and creative impacts data and bada-bing bada-boom, wake up, creative guy! We’re all in this together!

Also, with things like the Avian app you can integrate Google Analytics 4 with ChatGPT, which will make your ChatGPT instance an assistant in data analysis.

With all of these applications and tools and “discoveries” that artificial intelligence allows, it’s important not to rely too much on it for marketing results. AI is, by definition, “artificial” and therefore cannot fully understand human behavior. From our perspective, empathy is still the single most definitive rule to effective marketing. At the end of the day, your brand is still the emotion that it invokes and evokes. No program or tech-term can fully replicate that. Find more misconceptions about AI here.

If you want to know more about how AI is impacting Wildlife Conservation, Mental Health, or Personalized Education, go ahead and ask ChatGPT

If you'd like to know more about how AI is affecting human behavior, specifically through marketing, one of our real-life, human Electromagnetic Team Members would love to actually talk about it. Contact us today! 

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