Waynes | Billboard Campaign

We have an ongoing brand awareness project with Waynes that has used subtle design changes to keep it interesting, while remaining consistent enough to produce one of the most recognizable billboard campaigns in Alabama.

April 1, 2017

Waynes is one of the top 30 largest U.S. pest control companies, part of a nationwide 8 billion dollar industry. Waynes ongoing billboard campaign has been an integral part of its quest to become a household name in the markets it serves.

Waynes partners with Lamar Outdoor Advertising to cover their communities in these massive messages. From monster-sized interstate billboards to smaller roadside boards around town, it's hard to miss evocative two-word phrases like "Pulverize Pests," "Lush Lawns," and "Mutilate Mosquitoes" in large grey letters. Simple and eye-catching, these boards are well-branded by matching the color of Waynes enormous fleet of trucks. While on the road, it is possible to see both the service vehicle and the Waynes billboard advertisements hand-in-hand.


Waynes wanted to refresh the billboard campaign to recapture people's attention. However, it was important to retain brand recognition the campaign had been building.



We started by writing new slogans. We added new pest phrases "Tackle Termites" and "Annihilate Ants,” which aligned with the phrasing of their previous boards. We kept the original design elements for these additional boards along with creating holiday-specific boards which featured the well-known Waynes truck design. The trucks were the inspiration for the yellow background of the very first Waynes billboard design.


We created a strategy specifically designed for use on digital billboards. Not only did we want to extend the impact of Waynes billboard campaign, but we also wanted to introduce two smaller service lines: Landscaping and Home Services. These were two service areas with untapped promotional potential from billboards. 

For these digital billboards, we used the color of the service icons as the billboard backgrounds. We only used these designs on digital billboard screens around town. Designs for digital billboards are often photo-based. By using designs that were big, bold, and focused on solid colors, we were able to create more eye-catching designs for commuters. We kept the Waynes yellow in the design and retained the previous layout so even though these designs were "new,” they remained consistent with the previous runs. Sometimes, the smallest changes can have the most impact.


With a successful color-blitz strategy in place, it was time to return our focus to the yellow backgrounds. Waynes sold its Landscaping and Home Services divisions in early 2018 as it prepared to become part of Anticimex, the world’s largest pest company. As a result, the Waynes billboard campaigns would now focus on Pest and Lawn services exclusively. This provided an incredible opportunity to highlight the Waynes Service Professionals, and create a Lush Lawns billboard featuring an actual Lush Lawn in the typography! We are combining creativity and clarity for an effective series of billboards throughout the southeast.

Client: Waynes
Project: Waynes Billboard Campaigns
Creative Director: Randy Webb
Vendors: Lamar Outdoor Advertising

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