Three Ways Your Business can Adjust to the New Facebook Page Experience

Most businesses feel like every time they get comfortable with their social media strategy, Facebook makes confusing and frustrating changes. And 2021 is no different because business pages are getting a new look. Is your business ready for the update?

Most businesses feel like every time they get comfortable with their social media strategy, Facebook makes confusing and frustrating changes. And 2021 is no different because business pages are getting a new look

Is your business ready for the update?

This post covers everything you need to know to successfully update your business's Facebook strategy for 2021, including changes to likes and follows, the importance of engagement, and changes to page admin roles.  

Encourage Facebook "Follows” Instead Of "Likes"

Facebook business page "likes" are going the way of the dinosaurs. With the new Facebook Pages Experience, the like button and all of your page's likes will disappear. What does this mean?

You can prepare for this transition by encouraging those who see and interact with your content to follow your page. Make sure your calls to action direct your audience to click those three little dots beside the "Like" button and click "Follow" in the menu that appears. 

Here is the bottom line. You will lose a few fans who didn't take the time to hit "Follow," but you can lessen the impact of this change by making your Facebook fans aware of this change early and often.  

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Engaging With Your Facebook Audience Is More Important Than Ever

Facebook is making three major changes that reward engagement. This includes businesses that engage with their followers and businesses that create content that generates a lot of engagement from followers. 

Here's what you need to know. 

Business Page News Feeds

Facebook is giving each business page its own newsfeed. These will be similar to individual newsfeeds, and they are an excellent opportunity to engage with your audience. Facebook will show your content to more people if you:

Use Comment Prioritization To Your Advantage 

Facebook will bump comments from pages and public figures to the top of comment sections. This is your opportunity to generate more traffic and "follows" by commenting on posts from your audience, related brands, and prominent people in your industry. People who see your comment will be able to follow your page with just the click of a button.

Q&A Post Format

Facebook is rolling out a new Q&A post format that allows a business to host question & answer sessions. Your followers provide the questions, and you provide the answers. These questions and answers build a stack your followers can swipe through. This is a great way to engage with your audience by sharing your expertise. It also provides accurate insights into the questions your clients are asking. 

Changes to Facebook's Admin Roles

Facebook is also making changes to page admin roles. Now is the time to make sure your team has the access they need! Facebook is removing the "Moderator" and "Admin" user roles and replacing them with roles that allow users to access a defined set of tasks, including:

This change will make it easier to designate an individual to add posts to your timeline without getting access to other tasks, such as ads. IIt will also be possible to allow someone to respond to comments and messages without being able to publish content. Granting someone full access to all permissions on the page will still be an option.

Through these improved page management roles, your business can add extra layers of security to your page, protecting your page from managers' mishaps and ensuring that information is only available to those you want to see it.


Adjust your social strategy to account for these three changes, and your business will thrive in the new Facebook Pages Experience!

For more details on these changes, visit Facebook’s blog post or Help Center documentation

And if your business needs help navigating the ever-changing world of social media marketing, give us a call at (205) 607-2230 or fill out our contact form.

Writer: Michael Kline

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