The Value Of A Landing Page

Unlock the Potential of Landing Pages: Drive Conversions and Maximize Results for Your Website

March 5, 2024

You’ve just launched your brand new website and you’re excited to start driving traffic and converting leads. But what’s the best way to get them to convert? Landing pages!

What is a Landing Page?

Within the digital marketing landscape, the landing page holds a unique position of importance. Unlike typical web pages, a landing page stands alone, distinct from your website's main hub and navigation. This intentional separation serves a clear purpose: to deliver a focused message to drive a specific action.

Think of the landing page as a continuation of the promises made in your marketing materials. It represents the crucial next step in the customer's journey, guiding them toward conversion with straightforward clarity. Essentially, the landing page facilitates a targeted exchange. By providing valuable information, exclusive offers, or enticing deals, you encourage users to provide their contact details. This mutually beneficial transaction allows you to nurture valuable leads and achieve tangible results, advancing your business objectives.

When Do You Need a Landing Page?

Landing pages can be designed to serve different uses such as:

PPC Advertising: A dedicated landing page boosts the effectiveness of pay-per-click (PPC) ads by aligning closely with the ad's content and relevance. It's your ticket to feature new products, attract customers searching for specific deals, or draw attention to exclusive offers.

Lead Magnets: Offering valuable content gated by a form is a proven tactic for lead generation. Craft a landing page tailored to your lead magnet, focusing on compelling content, user-friendly forms, and targeted keywords to entice conversions.

Focus Attention: With no distractions, a landing page directs visitors' attention squarely toward your offer, increasing the likelihood of conversions. 

Attract Different Customer Segments: Custom landing pages cater to diverse customer groups by tailoring content, design, and offers to their specific needs and preferences.

Streamlined Testing: A single-focused landing page makes A/B testing a breeze since the amount of traffic to the page is controlled by how much you spend. This allows you to refine your content messaging, design, and user experience for maximum impact and conversion rates.

How Effective Are Landing Pages?

Findings from a survey assessing landing page effectiveness revealed interesting statistics. Despite 68.2% of landing pages featuring more than five call-to-action links, they yielded a mere 10.5% conversion rate. While pages with only one call to action boasted a higher 13.5% conversion rate.

The significance of social proof on landing pages was emphasized by the fact that pages showcasing satisfied customer reviews, photographs, and social media posts achieved a 12.5% conversion rate, compared to 11.4% for those lacking social proof. Additionally, desktop-only landing pages saw a 10.7% conversion rate, while mobile-responsive variants experienced an 11.7% rate.

Landing Page vs. Website Homepage

Some individuals may question the necessity of landing pages when the primary aim is to steer visitors to their home page. The thinking behind this is that although attracting traffic to your homepage is beneficial, it's less favorable to conversions compared to a landing page. Homepages are information-rich and encourage users to explore various sections. If a visitor arrives at your homepage with a specific goal, they might be put off by having to sift through many services and product options. The primary goal of the homepage is to guide users to other pages where they can find relevant information. In contrast, landing pages bypass this intermediary step by directly addressing the user's needs.

When to Use a Web Page Instead of a Landing Page

There are unique circumstances when using a web page instead of a landing page makes sense:

  1. Using product pages for carousel ads on social media ads. 

Instead of building landing pages for every product, the product pages can be applied to the card for that particular product in the carousel. Product pages are the pages with content most focused on selling to “warm” leads, and so even though they still have navigation, they can be effective with carousel ads. 

  1. Using the home page for a branded search campaign. 

If the only goal of a paid search campaign is to ensure that your website shows up whenever someone googles your company, then using the home page as the landing page is ok. This is because the purpose of the campaign isn’t for a specific conversion, but to ensure when people Google your brand, a competitor doesn’t appear.


Landing pages stand as powerful cornerstones for marketing success, yet many businesses haven't yet tapped into their full potential. This might be due to a common misconception: that crafting effective landing pages requires extensive resources and expertise. Thankfully, that's not the case.

Building an effective landing page is less about flashiness and more about getting the consumer what they’re after. Ready to see real results from your website landing pages? Let’s Talk!

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