New Superheroes At The Justice League

January 14, 2020

The Electromagnetic team is much like the one in DC Comics because we are "greater than the sum of our awe-inspiring parts." The Electromagnetic super team handles marketing "too massive for any single hero."

When Randy and Kasey joined our team on October 1st, 2019, we said we felt like Batman and Superman must have felt when they assembled the Justice League. We knew their skills were going to open new doors for us and help us serve our clients better. Now our team is growing again.

We are thrilled to introduce the next two superheroes that are joining our marketing Justice League. We feel so blessed to have found them, and once you meet them, you will understand why.


Angelia Stewart
Angelia Stewart

Angelia Stewart's experience wrangling complicated marketing challenges and major events will be a huge bonus for clients.

She is a details diva, who thinks creating and checking off project to-dos should be an Olympic sport (because she would easily win the gold medal). Angelia is also a client brand Guardian, who makes sure anything created for your brand stays within the brand guidelines and represents your company well.

Clients who need to put on an impressive event for leads and prospects can relax because making sure every little thing is handled is what Angelia does for fun. She has coordinated events for 6 people to 60,000 people, taking care of everything from facilities to catering to simulcasting.

These Herculean tasks are a slow day at the office for Angelia. She spent years honing her superpowers while heading up communication teams at The Church at Brook Hills and David Platt's Radical ministry. Until she leaped into the role of Marketing Director for Steel City Pops' 24 locations. Now she is crushing project deadlines and crusading for clients the Electromagnetic way!


Shekeydrah Robinson
Shekeydrah Robinson

What happens when you combine the intelligence and powers of Wonder Woman and Superman? You get a dynamic PR superhero named Shekeydrah Robinson.

She may not be on staff at the Daily Planet, but she can definitely help your business catch their ear. Shekeydrah’s tool belt includes a keyboard that she uses to create press releases and magnetic content that promote media attention and elevate brand awareness for our clients.

She uses her superhuman hearing to listen and understand each client’s message and then develops strategies to get the word out. Then she assembles effective communications plans that build connections with their customers and the media faster than an invisible supersonic jet.

Just like Wonder Woman, international diplomacy is in her DNA (and her UAB degree – it was part of her minor). She is a self-proclaimed blackbelt in smoothing tensions and understanding differences (like which social media platform is best clients.)

Thank YOU!

Left to right: Randy Webb, Scott Elliott, Shekeydrah Robinson, Kasey Moore, Angelia Stewart, and Jamie Parris.
Left to right: Randy Webb, Scott Elliott, Shekeydrah Robinson, Kasey Moore, Angelia Stewart, and Jamie Parris.

100 days into this new era at Electromagnetic Marketing, the results are in, and they have exceeded our wildest expectations.

We have grown because our customers are so incredibly loyal. Sometimes growth can be messy, but we are committed to making it seamless and serving each individual client with excellence.

We all feel privileged to be a part of a dedicated team that gets to work with our super clients!

If you are wondering how our teams' superpowers, we can add more customers to your business and bottom line, send up the Bat-signal! (You can also call us at (205) 607-2230 or send us a message by clicking here.)

Writer: Jamie Parris

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