Meet Our Director of Marketing Strategy, SK Vaughn!

As our Director of Marketing Strategy, SK helps our clients understand who they are and how to communicate their value to their target audience. Meet her here!

January 3, 2023

SK joined our Electro team in mid-2021, and we haven’t been the same since. As our Director of Marketing Strategy, SK helps our clients understand who they are and how to communicate their value to their target audience. 

Learn a little more about SK here! 

An Introduction to Marketing

After college, SK got a job with MGM Resorts International as a communications intern. From there, she was selected into a Management Trainee program where 40 individuals across the country enter a rigorous training program for management positions. 

Through these career opportunities, she learned about several aspects of business and marketing. 

Before joining Electro, SK worked for Berkshire Hathaway in digital marketing and was the Director of Marketing for a National and International nonprofit. 

What Makes Good Marketing?

Not all marketing is good marketing. Business goals AND marketing goals are fundamental for any company. These goals act as a guide to success. 

In her own words, good marketing starts with, “understanding your value proposition in the market. You need to know exactly who you serve. Then you MUST create high-value content that addresses your customers' needs or pain points.”

Sounds easy enough, right? The secret to doing this is continually providing customers with content that doesn’t talk about your business and how great it is, but about how you serve and support them

A Day At The Office

There isn’t a typical day in the life for SK. Each day is very different -- which keeps things interesting. 

SK starts her day with 3 to 4 large cups of coffee. By this time, she’s usually halfway through her first client meeting. 

Then it’s a few internal meetings followed by more client meetings. After that, she starts on independent work and reviewing content before it goes to the client. Most days, SK also jumps into analytics to review campaign performances. 

SK loves many things about her job, but one of her favorites is, “Creating a framework and vision for how to reach and exceed our client’s goals is very rewarding. I also enjoy developing and leading our strategy team. It’s one of my favorite parts of the job.”

Before signing off, she checks her emails and makes sure no other tasks are waiting for her that day. 

Whew, that sounds like a long day. Here are a few songs that keep her motivated. 

A Few Career Highlights

We asked SK about some of her work accomplishments she is most proud of. She shared, “It was an incredible and humbling experience being recognized and featured as an up-and-coming leader in the South Mississippi Living Magazine. Another big win was creating and implementing Electro’s Client Roadmaps. It took a lot of collaboration, but it was a fun effort to lead.”

Fun Facts About SK

SK is an Enneagram 3, which means she loves turning challenges into opportunities into achievements. She’s great at it! 

SK also hosts The Ladies Who Lead podcast, which celebrates women and the impact they have in their workplaces, communities, and more. You will hear from passionate and prominent guests who share their stories and thoughts on the topics that impact women in leadership the most. Check it out here! 

Nonfiction books are her favorite genre, and her pride and joy is her black lab and border collie mix, Mayfair. We love the rare occasions when Mayfair makes an appearance over Zoom! 

She also loves to travel, so don’t be surprised if you run into her in France or Italy sometime soon! 

SK loves creating a framework and vision for helping our clients thrive, and it's an essential part of what we do here at Electro. We are so glad to have SK as part of our Electro team. 

Marketing Advice from SK

“The marketing industry constantly evolves. If you don’t, you will get left behind. Understanding that marketing is NOT a one size fits all model is very important. At Electro, we believe in a customized approach to strategy and constantly challenging the status quo. As a strategist, you must think differently and be willing to evaluate and reevaluate your campaigns.”

If you want to talk to SK about marketing strategy, we can guarantee she’s got some great ideas to share! Reach out to us today to learn more about what a marketing strategist can do for your business.

Writer: Gabrielle Mingus
Editor: SK Vaughn

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