Meet Our Production Coordinator, Missy Chapman!

Missy serves our team and clients with excellence! She keeps all projects on track while ensuring we have the tools and the time to get everything done well.

January 25, 2023

When Missy joined our team at Electro, it was like the calm after the storm. 

She plays a very valuable role as our Production Coordinator. Not only does Missy ensure all our projects are on track and completed, but she also balances our schedules and workload to ensure no one gets overloaded with “to-dos.”

We’re proud to introduce her as one of the newest members of our Electro team! 

From Texas to Alabama, Twice

Missy is from Katy, Texas, a fast-growing city about 20 miles west of Houston. She attended the University of Alabama for undergrad and graduate school and loved her time living in Alabama. After graduating, a job led her back to Texas, but she always kept an eye open for jobs in Alabama, hoping to come back. And last year, it happened! 

A Lifelong Learner

Missy has her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from the University of Alabama, an MBA from Purdue University, and is currently working on her doctorate at Purdue University studying business law! While even the thought of all that school makes us tired, we’re impressed by her dedication and can’t wait to celebrate the completion of her fourth degree! 

Surprisingly, Missy wasn’t a fan of school growing up. Her goal after high school was to get a 4-year degree and be done. She said, “The Lord had different plans for me, and He placed people in my life that encouraged me to get my Masters. In the graduate program at Alabama, I was assigned an advisor that believed in me and encouraged me to continue my education. It is because of him that I earned my MBA, and I am now working on my doctorate.”

An Introduction & Transition into Marketing

After graduating, Missy went into ministry, serving as a Children’s Director. Her 2 degrees from Alabama were in Child Development, so it was a great transition after college. She loved her job and serving the families of the church. While there, she had the opportunity to do some marketing for the church, including serving on a rebranding committee. This opportunity sparked her interest in marketing and ultimately led her to switch career fields. 

P.S. We’re so glad she did. 

As a woman of many talents, Missy also worked as a horse trainer for a couple of years, teaching beginner and intermediate lessons to kids and adults. She taught English riding lessons at a show barn and traveled across the US with students to shows. She started riding when she was 5 years old and hasn’t given up yet! Missy currently has a horse, Roadstar (or “Roadie”), and a dog, Gracie. 

Here are some of Missy’s favorite songs!

Life As A Production Coordinator

We often call Missy our “air traffic controller” or “keeper of all things production.” Her role allows her to have a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on with our clients and everyone on our team. She ensures everything moves smoothly, allowing us to provide accurate deadlines and stick to them. 

We asked her what she considers the most important qualities of someone in her role. She said, “To be a production coordinator, you must be very organized and willing to adjust as new things come up. I am constantly looking for ways to maximize our production time while still serving our customers with excellence. Patience is key!”

Missy is passionate about serving others and providing them with excellent experiences. We see this every day through her work, but this is also something she prioritizes in every aspect of her life. 

We also asked Missy about an aspect of her job that someone may not expect. “I spend a lot of time in client meetings. Usually, a production coordinator is a behind-the-scenes role, but I am fortunate to have the opportunity to sit in on client meetings and help provide context to our production schedule and upcoming projects!” 

Essential Marketing Advice

Since Missy plays a role in everything we do, she’s learned a lot about marketing over the past year. She says one of the most foundational parts of marketing that companies need to understand and cultivate is their messaging. “I believe that successful marketing starts with a story. A way to reach the consumer on a personal level to gain their trust and buy-in. Secondly, you need a good strategy. Strategy creates that story and helps define the direction and goals.”

We asked her if there was a Brand whose stories always caught her attention! “I have always loved the Budweiser commercials at Christmas. Some of that is because they include the Clydesdales, and I love horses, but those commercials usually incorporate a ‘heart tug’ with their stories, and I love that they make the consumer feel like they are a part of a family.”

We are so thankful for Missy and the expertise and structure she has brought to our day-to-day life at Electro. If you haven’t had the privilege of meeting Missy on a client call, we’d love to change that! Reach out to us today to learn more about how we create marketing that attracts.

Writer: Gabrielle Mingus
Editor: SK Vaughn

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