Meet our Marketing Strategist, Lindsay Miller!

Introducing Lindsay Miller: Her inquisitive nature and dedication to teamwork make her an invaluable asset to the Electro team and our clients. Whether you’re in need of a good laugh or your next favorite marketing campaign, our very own Lindsay Miller is ready and able to help!

September 1, 2023

Her Journey In Marketing, From Mississippi To Alabama

Lindsay is a proud native of Laurel, Mississippi. She graduated from Ole Miss with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications, going on to work as a social media manager for Laurel Mercantile Co. If that sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’ve watched your fair share of HGTV Home Town. Lindsay gives credit to owners Erin and Ben Napier for teaching her some of the biggest lessons she’s learned in marketing through their direction and leadership. 

Before making her way to our team, Lindsay worked in a handful of different marketing sectors, including American-made manufacturing and retail, non-profit, and medical. In 2019, her valuable skill set led her to Birmingham, AL, to work as a Marketing Coordinator at a non-profit organization called Red Mountain Grace. Lucky for us, that move eventually led her to Electro’s team!

When asked what has been the proudest moment of her career, Lindsay says, “I think my proudest moments came from seeing my team create something beautiful - a new product packaging or a successful campaign. It’s satisfying to see a lot of great minds create something that reflects each of our personalities. There’s nothing better than seeing the end result and knowing you did it together.

A Typical Day as a Marketing Strategist

As one of our Marketing Strategists, Lindsay supports clients by helping them set and achieve defined goals through her expertise in social media, marketing insights, and navigating the ever-evolving marketing landscape. One of her favorite aspects of being a Marketing Strategist is brainstorming with colleagues. 

Lindsay says one of the most important things she’s learned during her time at Electro is that “everyone has a different way of processing information, and we can all learn from one another.” She is a firm believer that there are limitless paths to creativity and success. 

It wouldn’t be an Electro workday if Lindsay’s morning didn’t start by cracking a few jokes with her cubicle neighbor, Michael. Next, she tunes into a carefully curated focus playlist on Spotify as she catches up on emails and projects. You’ll often find her building relationships with clients over productive Zoom calls. If you run into Lindsay at Electro headquarters, we can pretty much guarantee she’ll have a Diet Coke in hand & a smile. 

In Lindsay’s world, Google Calendar is a girl’s best friend. Not only is Lindsay an incredible Marketing Strategist, but she also takes the role of managing client accounts, from project deadlines to client birthdays! 

Lindsay’s Marketing Secrets

Lindsay says the most important aspects of good marketing are:

Lindsay admires the marketing of local social media accounts like Adios Bar, Slim’s Pizzeria, The Essential, and Last Call Baking. She is also a huge fan of Chris Loves Julia on Instagram - ask anyone on our team.

Lindsay says good marketing is “knowing your strengths and weaknesses and allowing others (like Electro!) to fill in the gaps.”

Out of Office

When she’s not at work, you can find Lindsay browsing home decor ideas on Pinterest, enjoying a nice dinner, listening to the “Becoming Something” podcast, and going for long walks with her four-legged pal, Charlie. 

With Lindsay, strangers are rarely strangers for long. It’s no surprise one of her favorite quotes is, “We’re all just walking each other home.” She is inquisitive and enjoys trying new things without fear of failure. She says, “I don’t mind admitting if I’m bad at something - like running. I’ll never run, and that’s okay.

One of Lindsay’s top bucket list items is to share a meal with Stanley Tucci. Since she joined our team, we’ve also added that one to our bucket list.

Working with Lindsay & Electromagnetic Marketing

Needless to say, Lindsay has proven to be an invaluable asset to our team. If you’re interested in working with Lindsay or just becoming friends with her before she shares that meal with Stanley Tucci, give us a call! Our team is here to help.

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