Introducing… Michael Kline!

Meet Michael Kline: Roman history buff, video game enthusiast, and Web Developer here at Electromagnetic Marketing!

August 30, 2022

Meet Michael Kline: Roman history buff, video game enthusiast, and Web Developer here at Electromagnetic Marketing!

Michael’s 3 steps to creating great advertising and web development:

  1. Listen to your audience. Understand what they need and how your service helps them.
  2. Show off what makes your brand unique! What makes you special?
  3. Consistently test how your website is performing, what your customers value, and if those two things are aligned. 

“I always say that I want to make our clients’ websites their top salesman. I come in each day motivated by that because it helps our team and clients thrive.”

Check out Michael's mixtape of his favorite songs!

Early Years

Michael was born in Huntsville, Alabama. When he was 8 years old, he moved to Nashville with his parents and sister. He lived there through high school, and decided to move to Birmingham to attend Samford University following graduation. He’s been in Birmingham ever since!

His favorite person to show his websites to and bounce marketing ideas off of is his lovely wife Monica who works as a nurse practitioner in the area. She often joins him for lunch at the office on her days off.

On the Job

Michael is a type 5 on the Enneagram and never shies away from a challenge or something he doesn’t yet know!

His days are spent analyzing data and leads from our clients, working on web development, auditing clients’ analytics accounts, researching target audiences, evaluating website and ad performances, and more.

He keeps all of our accounts and campaigns moving and we couldn’t do what we do without him.

A Fast-Paced Field

In web development and paid advertising, change is a part of the routine. Michael explained to me that in just the past few years, we’ve seen fundamental shifts in how privacy is protected in advertising. Universal Analytics will be sunsetted in a year, and third-party cookies will be removed from Google Chrome.

In order to succeed and help our clients connect with their customers, we have to keep up with this pace! That’s why we’re so grateful for Michael and his love for researching and constant learning. 

In his words, “If you want to succeed in advertising and web development, you need to be striving to be as far ahead of every change as possible. These fields move and grow at an incredibly fast pace, so your websites and ad campaigns can be even more successful when the changes come.”

Finding What They Need, When They Need it

Eyes may be the window to the soul, but analytics are the window into customers’ minds.

Michael loves working with data “because analytics are a window into the mind of the customers. Analytics tells me what they’re clicking on the most and how they’re behaving, which indicates what they care about. Nothing excites me more than knowing that a website or ad campaign that we developed made it possible for someone to find what they needed through our clients.”

He spends a lot of his time here researching, testing, and optimizing to help our clients reach their customers at just the right time. His favorite part of his job is generating leads and getting to see how we’ve been able to help clients and their customers connect.

Out of Office

In his free time, Michael enjoys going on dates with his wife, having game nights, playing Teamfight Tactics or Crusader Kings 3, hosting an ultimate frisbee game, or baking gluten-free desserts with Monica. 

Michael is also a world traveler! He’s been to 7 countries in Europe (Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein, Switzerland and Italy), as well as mission trips to Kenya, Zambia, and Belize.

If you ask him what his favorite place is, you won’t be met with any hesitation. Michael spent a summer abroad in Rome, Italy and fell in love with the city and Classical history there. He can tell you all about its monuments and major events, and his favorite podcast is “The History of Rome” by Mike Duncan.

We’re so happy to have Michael with us at Electro!

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Writer: Faith Cheatham
Editor: SK Vaughn

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