Introducing Gabrielle Mingus

Meet Gabrielle Mingus, a talented copywriter here at Electromagnetic Marketing!

December 3, 2021

Great copywriting isn’t just about pretty words on a page. It takes hours of research, a strategic mind, and the ability to connect with your audience to create effective copy. 

This can be hard to achieve, but thankfully we have a talented copywriter on our team, Gabrielle Mingus!

From Birmingham to Greenville

Gabrielle grew up in Birmingham and attended Troy University where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Global Business with a concentration in Marketing. She also recently received her MBA from the University of Montevallo.

Before joining the Electro team, Gabrielle worked as a Marketing & Communications Assistant for a year at a local automotive manufacturing facility near Tuscaloosa, Alabama. There, she began copywriting, working with social media, planning events and more. 

She currently lives in Greenville, SC with her husband and their sweet Pitbull mix Atlas (who she says they have spoiled rotten)!

Journey to Writing

Although Gabrielle didn’t always expect to be a writer, she told me it’s no surprise that she ended up in this profession. 

“I have always been passionate about the power of words. When I was young, I was an avid reader. And I mean avid. I was reading books the size of my head before I even reached middle school. I could sit down and read an entire 300 page book in just a couple hours without ever looking up.”

We’re not surprised either. When I asked what qualities a great copywriter must possess, Gabrielle said they should have “curiosity, eagerness to learn, and honestly good reading comprehension skills!”

Gabrielle is the perfect mix of those characteristics, and the quality of her work shows it.

Joining the Team 

Gabrielle joined us in 2020 and has been an invaluable asset to our team ever since.


She said she was drawn to Electro because “I have always been interested in the creative opportunity marketing provides.”

When I asked what she loved most about her role here, she said, “I’d say the creative writing aspect. And working with this team. We have such a great group of hardworking and talented people. It makes working for Electro even ten times better.”

Having Gabrielle on our team makes it ten times better for us too!

Outside the Office

In her free time, Gabrielle loves being outside, gardening, cooking, and traveling when she can. On weekends, she and her husband like to take advantage of the wonderful open spaces, walking trails, and farmers markets in Greenville.

You might also catch a glimpse of Gabrielle in the clouds because the next thing on her bucket list is skydiving and she hopes to go this summer! Check out some of her favorite songs that she'll be listening to on her way:

Now, enough from me- I’m handing the pen back over to Gabrielle to let her do what she does best.

Contact us today for any of your copywriting needs!

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