Introducing Angelia Stewart

Learn all about Angelia, the Senior Account Executive here at Electromagnetic Marketing!

June 13, 2022

Agency life can be fast-paced and has a lot of moving pieces all the time. That’s why we rely on our wonderful account manager Angelia to make sure we’re on track and to ensure quality work for our clients!

“There is never a dull moment!”

A Little Background

Angelia has lived in many places throughout her life. She was born in Mobile, AL and lived in Vicksburg, MS for a period before moving to Roswell, NM when she was 12. She later met her husband Rich in Albuquerque, NM, and they moved to Birmingham, AL together over 20 years ago. 

Angelia has two daughters, Savannah and Caroline. Savannah also works in marketing in Birmingham, and Caroline will be graduating from Mississippi College in 2023.

Marketing Magic

Angelia began working in communications and media during her time at The Church at Brook Hills, where she worked for almost 10 years. The skills she developed there led her to marketing roles at Radical and Steel City Pops for many years after.

She says the most important aspects of marketing are listening, trust, and good branding and messaging. 

“A marketing firm has to do a good job of listening to identify where they can help the client the most and the client needs to be able to trust the expertise of the marketing team. Branding, messaging, and websites that can convert are a must!”

We couldn’t agree more and Angelia pushes every person on our team to be better in these areas!

Life at Electro

We’ve been lucky to have Angelia with us at Electro for over two years now. She spends her days corresponding with clients, coordinating our team, and scheduling meetings with clients and our team.

She told me her favorite part of her job is “getting to know our clients and helping them. It brings me joy to anticipate their needs and help them before they ask for it.”

All Over the World

Angelia loves to travel and experience new cultures, and she has visited many countries around the world. However, the place that has truly captured her heart is India. She has visited twice and enjoys all aspects of Indian culture from the food to art to movies and more! 

In fact, every Sunday, Angelia and her family eat lunch at BayLeaf Modern Indian Cuisine together. If you’re looking to experience a glimpse of Indian culture and enjoy some delicious food, her menu recommendations are:

Outside the Office

Angelia has many talents outside of the office and loves cooking, baking, and watching Bollywood movies. Having attended her annual Christmas Eve party, I can vouch that her baking skills are just as impressive as her marketing expertise. However, her favorite escape is all things Disney. She travels to the parks every few years with her family and still feels the magic!

Angelia is also quite the musical talent, so we asked her to share some of her favorite songs with us.

We are so thankful to have Angelia on our team! Be sure to wave hi if you stop by BayLeaf next Sunday.

Contact us today for any of your marketing needs!

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