Importance of Giving Back

The members of Electromagnetic staff share about the charities and nonprofits they support.

November 18, 2019

At some point or another, you’ve most likely volunteered somewhere. It may have been serving a meal at a community kitchen, cleaning up a local park, or helping at a local animal shelter. How amazing did you feel after spending a few hours making an impact on that charity? In my experience volunteering, I’m left feeling grateful and happier knowing I made an impact for the greater good of someone or something else.

Now imagine this, you’re in the Monday morning meeting and the president of the company says, “we have an exciting opportunity coming up this month for us, as a team, to make an impact on a local non-profit! Next Wednesday, we’ll be volunteering a day of our time to (insert charity of your choice)!”

Imagine the positive impact on not only the charity of choice but the multiplier of good feelings radiating from the team members. Volunteering isn’t only for the betterment of the receiving; it plays a large part in the betterment of the volunteer.

Corporate philanthropy has many benefits for team members, company culture, and company brand.  

To help inspire you, the Electromagnetic Team is sharing some of our favorite places to volunteer!  


Grace’s Gap at Red Mountain Park
Grace’s Gap at Red Mountain Park

Most folks do not know Red Mountain Park is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (not a state park!) The Park is central to Birmingham and its surrounding diverse communities. As the land that was once the site of extensive iron ore mining that built Birmingham, Red Mountain was the city’s greatest resource. Today it has a mission to connect communities by reclaiming the land where Birmingham began, uniting us all on a path toward a healthier future.


Community Kitchens is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides lunch to the hungry 365 days per year from St. Andrews and Grace Episcopal Church in Woodlawn. Annually this amounts to over 65,000 meals served to help stop hunger.  The doors to Community Kitchens are open to all. No one is required to attend a religious service, rich or poor are equally welcome-they only need to be hungry. Those we serve are our “guests” and we strive to treat them as such.


Living180 Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides counseling and workshops for people experiencing relational conflict and trauma.  As they help people navigate the struggles of life, they also help them find new meaning in their present circumstances.  Conflict is born in the interactions of relationships. Coworkers, spouse, parents, children, etc. Where there are people, there will be conflict. Their goal is to walk with people through conflict and help them navigate through it in a godly and healthy way.  I have known Paul Talley for several years and Alison and I have had the privilege of serving on their board for the past year and a half.  It has been incredible to hear the life-changing stories being told as a result of this ministry.



Until a few years ago, the only things I knew about orphans came from the movie Annie, or horror stories in the news. When my wife and I developed a close friendship with a foster family at church, I started to ask questions. Until then, I thought the only way to help was to foster or adopt. I was floored when I learned that less than one percent of orphans worldwide can even be adopted. Lifeline Children's Services is a Birmingham based non-profit that works to equip churches and organizations to serve vulnerable children. From training classes for adoption and foster care to counseling and support services, Lifeline is making a positive impact in the lives of children who need it most. I've personally traveled to the Dominican Republic to serve alongside them at Ninos De la Luz doing construction on the school there. Kasey will be traveling there with them in December.


Importance of Giving Back_Melinda pics.png

I am a passionate supporter of animal rescue and no-kill shelters, and the Greater Birmingham Humane Society is the largest in the state. They rescue more than 14,000 animals every year. I have been a foster mom for four dogs, including my sweet boy, Mookie. There are many ways to help out, including donating items like food, kennel supplies, and other essentials on the GBHR wish list. Unfortunately, the lack of spay and neuter laws in Alabama creates a constant need for a safe place like the GBHS, where abandoned and abused animals can get health care, kindness, and find a forever home.

Writer: Jamie Parris

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