Electromagnetic Marketing Acquires Canvas Bag Media

These are exciting times at Electromagnetic Marketing! We are thrilled to announce that we have acquired Canvas Bag Media. Canvas Bag is a media production agency owned by Daniel Canvas.

October 27, 2021

These are exciting times at Electromagnetic Marketing! We are thrilled to announce that we have acquired Canvas Bag Media. Canvas Bag is a media production agency owned by Daniel Canvas. Many of our clients have gotten to know Daniel over the years because Canvas Bag has been one of our closest and most trusted collaborators on projects that required video or photography.

Earlier this year, we started talking to Daniel about working more closely together to serve our clients better. As these conversations progressed, we saw the opportunity was more profound than we had realized. In 2021, Video is no longer an independent strategy It integrates into everything that we do, from blogging to social media and marketing automation. Canvas Bag Media had seen this in recent years, making a shift to focus primarily on video and photo production. We at Electromagnetic saw that with in-house video production, there was an opportunity to improve efficiency and the quality of work across all of our services. 

Daniel was coming to a similar conclusion. He had built his business and reputation as one of Birmingham's most trusted media production agencies, but he was at a crossroads. To serve his clients well and grow, Daniel needed to build a team or join forces with an organization with the scale, capacity, and resources to help him execute with excellence on the projects in his pipeline. As our conversations progressed, he recognized that Electromagnetic Marketing could be an ideal partner.

Electromagnetic Marketing + Canvas Bag Media

While the immediate benefits were clear for clients of both companies, more critical factors had to be considered. To be a long-term partnership benefiting everyone involved, we all had to be sure that we could all work together for years to come. This is where our experience working with Daniel over the last few years was invaluable. 

We knew that Canvas Bag Media achieved our standard of excellence for client work, and we knew that Daniel was the kind of person that we could work alongside day after day and year after year. We also knew that Daniel aligned with our vision for Electromagnetic Marketing. He recognizes that to do great work,  a workplace must have a culture where individuals can flourish as they contribute to the team's overall good. At Electromagnetic, we believe that by building a cohesive team where individual contributors thrive, we will produce better work for our clients. It was clear from day one that Daniel aligned with and would add to our team's skills and cohesiveness.

Welcome, Canvas Bag Media!

We are thrilled to have Daniel Canvas as a part of our team. We believe having Canvas Bag Media in-house elevates our capabilities and the excellence of our work. 

We want you to meet Daniel and see what focused, strategic video and photography can do for your business. Contact us today to set up  a conversation!

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