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We created a full branding package for security startup, Chorus SmartSecure. In the relatively short time since they launched, they've become a preferred vendor of Alabama Power, experienced rapid growth, and have become partners with some of the most recognizable home builders in the state.

April 26, 2017

For the first six months, Chorus SmartSecure didn’t even have a name. So, that’s where we started. Together with the owners, we created a name and strategy for the brand prior to the public launch. The president of the company is a big music lover. He approached us with the idea of naming the company "Chorus,” which we instantly loved. This opened up a great opportunity to use musical terms in their branding and marketing. As a security, smart home, and high-end entertainment system provider, the possibilities were endless. "Everyone should feel Safe & Sound in their home." "When everything in your home works together in perfect harmony, it's music to our ears." And more...

When these ideas were presented to the owner, the company tagline was born.

"We bring harmony to life."

We love those kinds of moments in the creative process. When multiple people are collaborating with each other to create great work, it's something that's hard to beat!


There are a lot of established security companies and even more startups. When investigating the competitors’ branding strategies, there was a great deal of similarity in many of the logos, colors, and design strategies. For example, there were endless primary blues and reds and bold fonts with hard corners. We understood the design psychology that led these brands in that direction, but sometimes going against the grain can have the most impact. 

Chorus is more than a security company -- it's a technology company. Who do people think of when they think of cutting-edge tech? Most frequently, they think about the younger generations. We wanted the design for Chorus to fully embrace a strategy around that market. 


We chose fonts that were thin-medium and rounded. They are friendly and "smart" without the attitude of a bolder, squared-off font. The colors were chosen to develop a more personable brand and to embody marketing phrases such as, "We bring harmony to life." We wanted to have a graphical secondary mark that visually represented the company so we created a simple lock with a wifi symbol which worked perfectly as the replacement for the "o" in "Chorus".


We also designed the uniform around a casual untucked shirt in the brand's bright teal to create a look that is professional without being "stuffy". We thought the uniform should be more inviting, youthful, and modern. With this, we pitched the idea of incorporating a youthful, tech-savvy feel into everything they branded.


We wrote messaging and possible product names around musical terms. We presented ideas like calling a base package the "Melody", and a slightly more complex system the "Duet,” and the top-of-the-line system the "Symphony.” Outside of product names, there were even more ways to build the company voice around those terms. The headline of the website currently uses one of those lines.

"Are your most precious assets Safe & Sound?"


It is expensive to paint and/or wrap vehicles. But as a strategy to build brand awareness, it is more than worth the expense. Because of the bold teal color, a Chorus vehicle can be spotted from a mile down the interstate. It’s eye-catching and unique, there aren’t other vehicles this color on the road. The color strategy is even more pronounced in a neighborhood. The vans are moving billboards that can't be missed.


We wanted to use the lock icon in as many creative ways as possible. One of those ways was designing envelopes that have to be "unlocked" as you open them. Even though it may seem like a small detail, people enjoy thoughtful design elements like this. When something is clever and done often, it builds trust and causes more interaction with your marketing materials,  because people want to know what you're going to do next.


We thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and results of this branding project. It gives us joy to see that Chorus teal when we are on our way to work, or the store, or around town. We look forward to seeing continued growth for the team at Chorus SmartSecure and we are honored they trusted us with their brand!

Client: Chorus Smart Secure
Project: Branding & Launch
Marketing Leads: Rob Hardman, & Eric Frye
Creative Director: Randy Webb
Designers: Randy Webb & Kasey Moore
Vendors: Specialty Creations (Apparel), & Matrix Muscle Cars (Vehicle Wrap)

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