Benefits of Growing Your Own Assets

Some of your marketing assets aren’t, well, yours. At least not fully. Your business has owned assets and rented assets. Here’s what that means.

February 15, 2023

Some of your marketing assets aren’t, well, yours. At least not fully. 

Your business has owned assets and rented assets. Here’s what that means. 

Assets You Own vs. Assets You Rent

Anything that can’t be taken away from you is an owned marketing asset. Some examples of these assets are:

Assets you rent are those that *can* be taken away or removed by an external party, such as a social media accounts. If a social media platform gets shut down -- all your content disappears. While you may have the content stored internally, which can be republished elsewhere, it has currently lost its value as a working marketing asset.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Assets

Just because Instagram could be deleted one day doesn’t mean you should avoid building brand awareness on the platform. In fact, we encourage using both owned and non-owned assets as integral parts of your marketing strategy. Some advantages of growing your own assets include the following:

You have endless marketing opportunities within your reach and only the time and budget for so many. Here are a few ways to invest in owned assets, such as your website and email list. 

Ways to Invest in Your Website

One of the most important ways to invest in your website is to purchase many variations of your domain. This allows you to buy and build digital territory. Whether you currently have plans to use these domains or not, it’s just as important that no one else gets them. If you don't purchase these variations, someone else may do so, diluting or negatively impacting your Brand. Other strategies include:

Ways to Invest in Your Email List

Emails can be tricky. It’s a direct line to your audience, but if you contact them too little or too often, they will either forget about you or avoid you. Here are a few strategies for leveraging your email list:

Developing an Asset Strategy

The best marketing strategies include a targeted approach through owned and rented channels. The nitty gritty will depend on your business and its specific goals for the short and long term. 

Need help turning your assets into assets? We have some ideas.

Writer: Gabrielle Mingus
Editor: SK Vaughn

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