A New Day at Electromagnetic Marketing

The story of a new era beginning for Electromagnetic Marketing. You never know where a conversation is going to lead!

October 1, 2019

You never know where a conversation is going to lead. One little phone call on July 1, 2019, changed my life.

I’m not sure what the first conversation between Batman and Superman was like when they formed the Justice League, but what happened next may be as close as I ever get to finding out.

I’ve been working to build Electromagnetic Marketing since June of 2017, and Scott Elliott has been working alongside me since February of 2018. We’ve been blessed beyond anything that we could have imagined, but we’ve also faced challenges and hurdles that were hard to anticipate.

Scott and I were walking to lunch on Monday, July 1st when one of our clients called with an interesting question.

“Are you interested in taking on additional partners in Electromagnetic Marketing?”

The Answer Would Have Been “No”

At that time, we were not looking for just any investor or partner because we didn’t want to do anything that would take our eye off of the vision that we had set for the kind of agency that we want to build and how we serve our clients.

The answer would have been “No” if it had been anyone else calling. But in this situation, I was all ears. This call was coming from two of our long-term clients who understand our vision for Electromagnetic Marketing, so I was intrigued.

Call(ed by) Waynes!

About a month after I started Electromagnetic Marketing, Randy Webb, the Creative Director at Key7 Investments reached out to me for a little help on a Google Ads campaign for one of the companies that they owned, Waynes Environmental Services. We had worked together on Waynes advertising in the past, and they turned to Electromagnetic for some help getting their arms around their advertising campaigns.

Our working relationship was mutually beneficial. Working with Waynes enabled me to hire my first 2 employees and get Electromagnetic Marketing off of the ground. Waynes grew dramatically as we got their campaigns cleaned up and optimized.

Our companies developed a real appreciation for the way the other did business. We learned a tremendous amount from Waynes and used them as a model for many of our business practices and strategies.

Eric Frye and Steven Splawn, the principal partner in Waynes, built their business from a small regional company into a major player in the pest control industry. In August of 2019, Anticimex acquired Waynes in a deal that was a tremendous endorsement of everything that the Waynes team had accomplished over the last 15 years.

A New Opportunity

Since Waynes was no longer a part of the Key7 family, Steven and Randy started having conversations about how they could continue to work together. All of the Key7 companies have marketing needs, but building an agency from scratch presented a number of challenges. This led to the phone call that I received on July 1st.

“Are you interested in having Randy and Steven as partners in Electromagnetic Marketing?”

This was an easy question to answer. Randy and Steven are two individuals who understand our vision and believe in what we are trying to accomplish. Between Randy’s design expertise and Steven’s business acumen, they also round out our skill set and prepared us for the future.

Three months later, our “Dream Team” has come together. Just like the Justice League.

Today, we would like to introduce the new Electromagnetic Marketing. (Electromagnetic Team). In addition to Steven and Randy, we are thrilled to welcome Kasey Moore to our team. She is a marketing specialist with experience at Key7 and in the non-profit sector at Red Mountain Park.

I can’t tell you how happy I am. This gives us operational resources that free Scott and me to think about proactive strategies for excellence in serving our clients and growing Electromagnetic.

This brings new skill sets to the table in the exact areas where we previously had gaps. Thanks to Randy, we now have the branding, design, and video capabilities that made Waynes dominant in its space.

I’m thrilled. For our clients. For Electromagnetic Marketing. For all of us who are involved.

It’s a brand new day.

PS. A brand new day and a brand new Creative Director deserve a brand new logo! We are proud to reveal our new logo!


Writer: Jamie Parris

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